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The CENTURY 21® Brand is the most recognized name in real estate today all around the world


Our Mission Statement

The real estate industry of the 21st Century will be driven by a 'customer service culture' and Century 21 will lead this evolutionary process. Despite changing cities and new technology, this customer service culture is something that we strongly believe will endure. The Century 21 System in all its operations, will epitomise not only professional real estate knowledge, but a dedication to integrity and responsiveness to every customer whom we have the privilege of serving – and will be clear, accessible and expert. This 'service culture' will be promoted, integrated and expected through every level of our system and no deviation from this high ideal will be accepted. Our customers deserve, and will receive, the finest service offered by any real estate organisation.


Local Experts Supported by a National Network

Century 21 may be the largest real estate organisation in the world and the most recognised brand out there, but we never compromise on our dedication for achieving the best results for our clients who buy and sell real estate. With thousands of offices around the world, we've developed an unparalleled understanding on how people want to buy, sell and rent property. It's our pleasure to share what we know and give you the best advice possible, while endeavouring to ensure the experience is nothing but exceptional. We might be the experts, but we're entirely at your service.


The C21 Difference

Our mission: to make you feel at home. Because you deserve the best care and attention alongside the support and knowledge of the world’s largest, most recognized residential real estate brand. We empower homeownership Because your success is our success. We create extraordinary experiences for clients by supporting our members with proven education & effective marketing technology. We bring you the world Because sales come from everywhere. Your listings and home searches reach 77 countries in 16 languages on century21global.com. Our properties receive the ultimate global buyer exposure. We ease the process Because you should enjoy the journey. Clients receive exclusive discounts on products and services they need – from transport to storage to decor.


Why are we trusted?

No. 1 in the world With over 117,000 brokers and sales associates and over 7700 offices in 67 countries and territories worldwide, CENTURY 21 is the largest and fastest growing real estate referral network in the world. According to a recent international survey conducted by a leading international research company, the CENTURY 21 brand was the most recognized name in real estate business. What does this powerful brand mean to consumers of real estate services? Trust and Reliability! Top Notch Training Buying or selling a property can be a very complex and complicated process. There are disclosures to make, title searches on run, home inspections, applicant screenings and of course, price negotiations. CENTURY 21 1st Global (Lebanon) broker’s and sales associates are provided with the best real estate training in the industry, so you can rest easy knowing your home sale or purchase is in the hands of a well-trained real estate professional. Customized Marketing Through CENTURY 21 1st Global (Lebanon) customized marketing programs we stay in accordance with our market and build significantly higher customer satisfaction and client referrals. We have a streamlined marketing know-how to expose our client information / request where it matters the most. Part of this role is to help you embark on a smart, cost effective marketing program that will have your property sold in the shortest possible time. Continuous Research What is the market price in a particular area, how should one determine the price for their property and more questions linger in the mind of clients. CENTURY 21 1st Global (Lebanon) conducts many research studies throughout the year, to gather market data and to analyze new market opportunities so as to create useful and effective services and products. Importance of research is rarely understood, however the lack of it is determined.


Get to know us

Throughout its 16 years presence in the Lebanese market, CENTURY 21 1st. Global (Lebanon) has offered comprehensive and unique array of services which secure us a pioneering position in the market. A CENTURY 21 1st. Global consultant is all you need to fulfill all your real estate needs. In addition, our management team works very hard to earn our client’s and customer’s trust through: Providing comprehensive Real Estate Services throughout . Keeping a unique position in the Lebanese and international Real Estate Brokerage market. Paying special attention to marketing. Specialized and continuous Market Studies to capture the best opportunities. Offering high quality services. Offering a first class training for all sales associates and consultants.


About us

The CENTURY 21® Brand is the most recognized name in real estate today. * Made up of approximately 7,700 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 67 countries and territories worldwide and represented by 117,000 real estate professionals, the CENTURY 21 Brand has a global reach. But the real story is beyond numbers. It’s about shared values, beliefs, and hard work from everyone who is a part of the CENTURY 21 organization. Our clients have come to expect only the best from our team. We deliver this by understanding their goals and then adopting them as our own. We’ve maintained our high standards by attracting some of the finest real estate professionals in the world, then helping them offer excellent service to customers. As the most recognized consumer brand name in the real estate industry, the CENTURY 21 System has a heritage of professionalism, dependability, and customer understanding which have become synonymous with the CENTURY 21 gold standard.

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